Our team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors and exercise specialists work together to formulate the most effective treatment protocols to get you back doing what you love as quickly as possible.


physiotherapists and other therapists at Reach Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist: Antony Causton, Julian Paredes

Rehabilitation specialist: Gabriella Rose

Massage therapist: Fiona Gilbert

Pilates instructor: Simmy Collins

Yoga instructors: Sarah TilleyIlana Kateb


Antony Causton – MCSP, HPC, Certified GUNN IMS Practitioner

Antony Causton - Physiotherapist at Reach PhysiotherapyAntony is the clinic owner and lead physiotherapist at Reach Physiotherapy, Brighton. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the musculoskeletal and orthopaedic field of physiotherapy, Antony has a wealth of knowledge in treating and preventing a diverse range of injuries affecting all areas of the body. This includes nerve pain, joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness and re-education, preoperative and postoperative care, balance problems and orthotic prescription. He has worked with professional football teams, olympic athletes and 1000s of people across the globe, treating patients of all ages, abilities and activity levels.

After graduating from Brunel University, London, Antony then worked in the big city for a year providing physiotherapy to professional football players, disabled children and also set up a service within a gym in Kensington. He then moved to Vancouver, Canada to further develop his skill set practicing alongside Canada’s leading physios at the city’s most renowned clinic. There he advanced in all areas of physiotherapy including occupational rehab and sports injury management by treating Vancouver’s leading athletes and winter sports population.

Antony then returned to his beloved Brighton, where he furthered his knowledge in pre- and post-operative care working at local private hospitals and private clinics. Being the clinic owner and lead physiotherapist at Reach Physiotherapy, Antony prides himself on providing the highest quality of care to his patients possible and will always go the extra mile to make sure his patients get back on track and are cared for. His passions are fixing people, attending courses about fixing people, music, teaching spin to keep fit, fishing in the summer sun, surfing, snowboarding and Brighton.

Julian ParedesJulian Parades is a physiotherapist at Reach Physiotherapy

Working as a senior physiotherapist within the NHS and private sector, Julian is at the forefront of evidence-based practice and works in conjunction with Brighton’s leading orthopaedic consultants and physiotherapy specialist practitioners to ensure his patients receive the highest possible standard of care.

Within the NHS and private sector, Julian works with patients of varying functional ability ranging from the elderly to professional sports people.

As well as continued professional development that is offered both within the NHS and private sector, Julian often seeks out additional courses to develop his practice. He is currently studying and practicing western medical acupuncture, a great tool for a range of presentations in both the acute and chronic setting.

Rehabilitation specialist

Gabriella Rose

Gaby is one of the physiotherapists at Reach Physiotherapy

Gaby is a qualified Personal Trainer, Rehab Specialist and Pilates Teacher who has studied the Appi Pilates method in London as well as her GP Referral qualification with Premier Training International. Currently she is employed as a Physiotherapy Technician at the Brighton County Hospital. She specialises in working with patients completing their rehab whether they have sports injuries, back pain or are recovering from surgery. Furthermore, she supports people who simply need to improve their strength and flexibility to reduce pain and unease in the body. Drawing on various methods to help clients to reach their goals and feel empowered through movement. This technique plays a huge role in her work at the hospital producing fantastic results with her patients.

Gaby has always enjoyed and thrived on activities such as dance, yoga, running and swimming. Through her own personal experience she has come to understand that the mind and body are strongly related; she draws upon her knowledge gained from meditation courses and her yoga practice. Gaby believes that physical strength and peace of mind can have significant positive effects on how we live our lives and our general wellbeing.

Remedial Pilates

Feel the healing power of movement in an intimate remedial 1:1 Pilates session for anyone who is recovering from injury or illness. The session will be gentle and restorative, working closely towards your wellbeing goals in a relaxing and healing environment. Using breath work, Pilates based exercises and stretches to reconnect, restore and re-balance the body.


Functional Rehab

Build strength to restore your body’s natural balance. If you have experienced back pain, recovering from illness or injury a 1:1 session with your goals in mind can show you the powerful benefits of exercise and movement. Get back to sport, improve your fitness and mobility!

Weekly programs are given to each client along with support and encouragement when working towards individual goals.



Massage therapist

Fiona Gilbert

Fiona Gilbert is one of the massage therapists operating at Reach Physiotherapy

Fiona is a qualified Advanced Sports and Clinical Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor and specializes in injury, pain and chronic pain.  Fiona has been working with people’s bodies for over 9 years and is also qualified in Traditional Thai Massage and Abdominal massage.

How can she help you?

  • Alleviate aches, pains and headaches
  • Relieve muscular tightness
  • Tension and stress relief
  • Improve mood, breathing, circulation and posture
  • Restore immune system function
  • Encourage efficient energy flow

Pilates and yoga instructors

Simmy Collins – Pilates instructor

Simmy teaches Pilates at Reach Physiotherapy

Simmy completed her Level 3 Pilates Matwork training with Body Control Pilates in London and currently working towards a level 3 Pregnancy Pilates in 2017, she has Masters degree from University of Essex (2011), after she experienced Pilates’s benefits, she decided to dedicate 2 years to training and made a total career change to become a teacher, now Simmy regularly teaches Pilates classes to everyone from 13 to 85 years olds. She feels lucky to have discovered Pilates and is even more passionate about teaching it. She loves seeing how many health benefits and how much positivity it can bring into everyone’s life.

Sarah Tilley – Yoga instructor

Sarah first came to yoga in 2002 upon the recommendation of her osteopath. From an introduction to it through the precision of the Lyengar method, Sarah found herself drawn gradually towards a stronger more dynamic practise and ultimately trained to become a teacher in 2008.

Yoga meaning Union, to draw together the mind and the body using the vehicle of the breath to do so. Whether we come to our mat with a tendency towards stiffness or flexibility through the practise we find more space physically. As we find more space within the body we find more space within the mind also. We find the gaps between our thoughts where there is peace and stillness to be found.





Ilana Kateb – Yoga instructor

Ilana Kateb is one of the yoga instructors at Reach Physiotherapy

Ilana was initially drawn to yoga as a way of relieving pain in her neck, shoulders and back following an injury, but it was the calming and energising effect of connecting the body with the breath that really captivated her interest.

She spent several years exploring various styles, including Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga before discovering the creative, dance-like nature of Vinyasa Flow yoga, which forms most of her practice today.

Fulfilling a long-standing desire to share the rewards of yoga with others, in 2016 she completed her 200hr teacher training with Vidya Heisel at Frog Lotus Yoga International in Spain. She now teaches regular yoga classes in Brighton and Hove, and loves to keep learning by frequently attending classes, workshops and further trainings. She enjoys teaching students of all levels to move and breathe mindfully in order to feel well in body and mind.