Our motto at Reach Physiotherapy is ‘Helping you Reach your goals’. With our team of physiotherapists, massage therapist, exercise specialists, nutritionists, yoga and Pilates instructors we have the team to help you do that.

Antony Causton is the lead physiotherapists and clinic owner at Reach Physiotherapy Brighton

Whether you wish to recover from an injury or prevent one occurring we can help you. My name is Antony and I am the clinic owner and lead physiotherapist at Reach Physiotherapy, Brighton. I have over 10 years experience in treating patients of all ages, abilities and activity levels. I have worked with professional football teams, olympic athletes and thousands of people across the globe. I employ the traditional approaches to musculoskeletal physiotherapy, including joint mobilisation / manipulation, muscle re-education and release, postural analysis / correction, graded tendon rehabilitation to name but a few examples.

I also specialise in a technique call GUNN IMS, intramuscular stimulation. I first came across this technique when a friend suffered whiplash following a car accident. She  attempted all forms of rehabilitation, however it was GUNN IMS that cured her of her neck and back pain. GUNN IMS, of which I am the only practitioner south of London, is a technique that uses small needles to restore peripheral nerve health and aid spinal decompression and recovery.  GUNN IMS can be applied around the spine but also peripherally into and around other joints such as the shoulder, hip, elbow, wrist and knee. Subsequently, I use this technique on a large number of my patients as it is the most effective and quickest way to get patients back to full function or self managing but there are also other ways to help you with your pain if you are not a fan of needles.

Our team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, nutritionists and exercise specialists work together to formulate the most effective treatment protocols to get you back doing what you love as quickly as possible. Please visit our ‘Services’ page to read more about what we do. If you wish to come for a consultation to discuss any concerns you can book online or call directly.

We hope to see you soon!

Antony Causton
Clinic owner and Lead Physiotherapist
Certified GUNN IMS Practitioner

01273 732835 / 07756509456